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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by KevinFaulk-33, Dec 30, 2009.

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    Which bowls are interesting?

    I'm going to watch the "music city bowl" beetween Clemson and Kentucky, to see Sapp.

    Suggest me some bowls, played and future bowls! With also interesting players to watch.

    I recorded some with ESPN America, so i have a lot of those.
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    Box and Mayo's posts on this forum always seems to provide a lot infomation on the nfl draft prospects that may fit into Patriots scheme.

    The following site seems to provide good information on the bowl games and nfl draft prospects.

    The Scouting Department | National Football Post

    In the following articule

    I noticed

    - Texas A&M defender Von Miller is also likely to play one more college game before entering the draft. Scouts have told us the Aggie junior ranks just behind Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska and Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy on the list of the top defenders from the Big 12. Southwest area scouts think Miller, who is projected as an outside linebacker by most, could easily add 15-pounds to his frame and stay at the defensive end position. He presently grades out as a second round choice but sources have told us the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots have shown a lot of interest in Miller and could over-draft him in round one.

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