Bills fan here... Looking forward to game one

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by BFLOfan, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. BFLOfan

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    Hi guys... I'm NOT a troll. (I'm a mod on our messageboard.)

    Looking forward to game one. I just have a question... Why all the mystery with Patriots injuries? Maroney listed as injured last Saturday yet a week later official response is extent not known.

    Bill's chess match antics or what?
  2. PATSNUTme

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    There is no mystery. They are all "day to day".

    Don't believe me? Just ask Belichick- he'll tell you the same thing.
  3. BFLOfan

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    Seems that way... Pisses off Fantasy geeks.

    I grew up in WNY and live in Miami. God I hate the Fins.
  4. BFLOfan

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    Well, Being a Bills fan in S. Fla... it amuses me that the general fan thinks Culpepper will have them at least at 11-5 this year and the Patriots are done.
  5. PatsFan37

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    Wow, it took a fan from another team to start a thread on a real football game. Thanks BFLOfan.

    In answer to your question, since the Falcons game last year, when Atlanta listed Vick as probable and then didn't play him at all, Pats injury reports have pretty much come from the dart board. Not that they were reflective of reality before that. It's both strategic and thumbing a nose at the NFL.
  6. MrTibbs

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    Read it's a minor leg injury but with Belichick he might of had surgery this week. Week one should be a good game, with all the Branch distractions the game might be closer then anyone thinks.
  7. BFLOfan

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    Now to week one... Losman has looked good in preseason... McGahee better be improved after losing weight or you guys will crush us with nickle packages all day. I get crucified on my board for criticizing WM as if this guy is a godor something. I'd rather have Maroney... AND I do in fantasy forlater in the season.
  8. OntarioPatsFan

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    I wonder if Brady goes down as probable?
  9. Bostonian1962

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    Actually, the Maroney injury has been made quite clear by the Pats' brass. As they layed it out, it's anywhere from a hang nail to multiple gunshot wounds. Sorry, BFLO, that's what we live with. The good news is, we live with alot of winning too, so it's worth it.

    Best of luck to your team when you're not playing ours:).
  10. BFLOfan

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    Questionable at least. LOL
  11. OntarioPatsFan

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    So has Losman looked like he could be a consistant starter for an NFL team so far? I'm curious to see if he will pan out, and has Peerless Price been effective during his second trip to Buffalo?
  12. PatsFan37

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    I doubt Branch is a distraction for the team. It's not like they cut him 2 days before the game. In any case, I doubt Maroney gets many carries in Buffalo. IMHO, BB sees him as the back of the future and isn't going to ride him hard early in the season, especially coming off an injury -- even if it's minor.
  13. maverick4

    maverick4 Banned

    Seeing how Tom Brady has been listed as probable or questionable every week for about 3 years, the injury list doesn't say much.

    Why should it, anyway? It's clearly only for the gamblers, and can only hurt a team by giving out valuable information to its opponent.
  14. BFLOfan

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    Preseason was impressive for Losman... He gained alot from last years mess.

    Th Oline seems better and the defense will be in no way as bad as last year. Spkies is back and the secondary is young and fast.

    Price had one good outing. Evans is Evans... The guy that stood out in the first 2 games was Sam Aiken.

    Again all from crappy preseason fodder of course.
  15. flutie2phelan

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    Second that.

    Bills are my second-fav team in the div.
    ALWAYS have been ... since the glove fitted Orenthal.
  16. BFLOfan

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    I have this arguement with my Fins buddy (born in Queens and loves the Fins... Birth defect) I cannot hate anyone more than the Fish. Jets second... Cowboys third.
  17. Box_O_Rocks

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    Nonsense,anyone who roots for one of the other 31 teams and doesn't list the Raiders as his #1 dislike is suffering from Madden-itis!

    But I'll second the notion of the AFC East collectively and individually kicking the Fins backsides. :rocker: Glad they found a real QB! :rofl:

    Thanks for the report on the O-line, if they have improved even McGimpy will give us some worries. From a distance it looks like Jauron has gone for a speedy and light Tampa defense with go-for-broke penetrating linemen and rocket packs on the DBs and LBs? Was there much blitzing in preseason?

    Good luck, the weekend after next!

    HAMMERMILL On the Game Day Roster

    First off all, thanks for posting about an actual game(This deion stuff was getting old)
    As far as Maroney,his leg was amputated on friday but he's still day to day:cool:
    Hope the bills have a good season-except against of of course.
    It'll be good to see a REAl game.
    Good Luck Mate
  19. RI Pats Fan

    RI Pats Fan Practice Squad Player

    Sometimes I forget there's a game next week. Welcome to our forum, Bills fan.

    EDIT: Hopefully our Patriots players have the focus on the right place unlike most of us posting on this forum apparently.
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  20. BFLOfan

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    ROFLMAOSHPS the "shps" = so hard producing snot.

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