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    "I was being critical of the officiating," Billick said. "It had nothing to do with Eric Mangini. I was more upset that they were doing it better than we were. We all do it. The official usually gets on it right away and stops it. That's all I was saying."

    So here is Billick admitting that everyone does illegal things and some better than others. He is only upset because the jets got away with it longer that they did. So why isn't Goodel coming down on them like they did the Pats? I mean breaking the rules is breaking the rules right?

    Here is the article
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    It's an in-game violation covered by the rules of the game, the only possible penalty is an in-game one. This is like a coach saying "Yeah, I teach my defensive backs to interfere with the receiver." They're not going to take draft picks for that, only throw the flag if they catch them doing it,
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    He already made his point.............. :bricks:

    the retraction is a footnote. This was done simply to tweak Mangina's nose.
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    Anyone else wonder if this was instigated by the NFL front office,,

    Can't have every coach in the league calling out the other?????
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    Nope, I think Billick chose his words carefully in both the original statement and the apology. Most news people are too stupid to see what he was doing though. Do you really think this is the first time he's come across this? Listen to the words he used to charge the Jets. That's why EM called him immediately. Also, check out the words Billeck uses in the apology and imagine EM as Billick and BB as EM. In other words, all the "he doesn't deserve this" talk is another statement IMHO. I think Billick was sending a clear message that was meant to be clear to his targets.
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    This is a very diferent situation than Cameragate, much as I hate to admit it.
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    Time to give it a rest... let's let this issue die the quiet death that it deserves.
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    I think you're missing the point. He was sending a message. No one was saying they are the same thing.... I each person sees what they want to see in it. lol

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