Bill Belichick Q&A, 9/5

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    Here’s the complete transcript from Bill Belichick’s Q&A with the media this morning at Gillette Stadium:BB: We got a little bit of a jump on this week over the weekend. Now, we’re pretty much into a regular season routine here – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then our day before the game travel and the [...]

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    Q: How much does a running back’s game alter when he moves from one team to another?
    BB: That’s the big question. When a player switches teams, how do they play in the new system? If you could answer that one, you’d be ahead of the game in a lot of personnel moves. I’m sure the Jets feel good about it. They made the move. I think anytime you bring a player onto your team, you feel like it’s going to be a positive move and that’s why you do it. But there’s an adjustment from one team in one system to another, some players do better in a new system. Some players don’t do as well.

    This has been something, and it fits any position, that when a team gets a FA, you never know how well he'll do with his new team despite how well he played with his old team. IMO, many FA's aren't as good with thier new teams. And some mid level FA's get better in a new system.

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