Attn: Media -- Colts' O always underachieves!

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by the taildragger, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. the taildragger

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    "Peyton only has 6 opportunities a game to score." - Tom Jackson

    Here are the FACTS!...cover your eyes if you can't take it...

    In their last four postseason losses, the Colts gave up 153 yards of rushing to their opponents. Even so, the Colts still had FOURTY-TWO opportunities to score (opponents had 44 opportunities).

    In those 42 opportunities, Manning led the Colts to TDs on 4 drives, and Figgys on another 2 drives.

    That's 6 scores out of 42 potential playoff drives (less than 1 point per drive).

    Given all the support Manning has at his disposal, how in the world can anyone blame the defense?

    The Colts currently lead league in first downs. Why does this matter? Because, in order to win the Super Bowl, the Colts need to be on the plus side of their 23.5 FD/G average. When the Colts are above that mark they're 8-0, just 4-4 when they have fewer than 24 first downs (each of those four wins were decided by a single score).

    If the Colts lose a playoff game in which they have less than 23 first downs, I do not want to hear anything about their defense. Peyton can't be responsible solely for the Ws.

    Let's use a common opponent for sake of comparison:

    Five weeks ago, against Jacksonville, the Colts infamously gave up 375 rushing yards. But here's something you didn't know...the Colts defense also kept the Jags to 2-9 on third downs, giving Manning 12 opportunities to score...2 TDs and 1 FG (1.41 points per drive). Yet Manning -- who plays on the side of the team THAT ACTUALLY GETS PAID -- gets ZERO blame.

    Three weeks ago, TB kept the Jags off the field by nickel-and-diming them to the tune of more than 37 minutes of possession...11 different receivers caught balls...11 is also the number of receivers who caught TD passes for the Pats this year.

    Move the chains Peyton. Keep your defense off the field. It makes your defense look better than it really is. Do you really think Teddy Bruschi is an all-world linebacker? Watch him get run over in almost every game. Bruschi was nothing before the Pats offense started to control the game.

    Sorry Peyton, there are no excuses.

    And here's another reason to blame a Manning.

    Over the past FIVE SEASONS:
    * The Colts top-2 wide outs have cost an average $6.0M per season (Pats = $1.6M)

    * The top RB cost an average $6.1M per season (Pats = $1.5M)

    * The top-5 O-linemen in Indy have cost an average $8.4M per season (Pats = $5.5M).

    get it?

    I'm sick of hearing we've won championships because we don't spend a ton on our QB. What did it cost to keep Bledsoe on the bench in 2001?

    The difference in money between Manning and Brady is WAY overstated.

    The biggest reason NE is able to invest more of its cap in other areas is because Brady doesn't need all the talent around him that Peyton does. What do you think Tom's YPA would be with Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne on carpet? How many TDs would he throw? Why do we continue to actually compare their stats with a straight face? Does anyone else get it yet?


    "Both [Manning and Brady] are very good, but I do think Peyton has more weapons, and most guys in that system would be very successful because of the weapons Manning does have." - Rashean Mathis (Pro Bowl cornerback)


    And did I mention Peyton publicly calls out specific parts of his's now a pattern. First his kicker, then his O-line, and now the defense that just carried his ass to victory. Yeah, he says the right things after a win, but don't stick a mic in the guy's face after a loss. Contrast that with Tom's ability to call out the ENTIRE team (without saying the receivers suck)...and his timing is impeccable...we get hammered in Miami...he speaks up and we've been a different team ever since...making plays, creating turnovers, protecting the ball, diving for catches. It's night and day. When Tom speaks, guys listen...because they respect him. It's why the "tantrums" are overrated...the media is clueless on that stuff.

    And now, under Tom's flawless command we're 62-2 after leading at halftime. Marino nearly flipped out of his chair Sunday when he read that stat. That is the most ridiculous sports stat I've ever has to be a misprint. This is the parity-era we're talking about? HALFTIME! in 30 minutes of clock still left. And keep in mind that historically, this has been a team with a relatively weak ground game, unable to simply line up declaring to run and pounding the rock...a team built to win 60-minute games...a team that demands perfect execution for all four quarters...above all from the QB position.

    In the TB era we are also 39-7 after Thanksgiving and Tom is 38-1 with a passer rating of 100, and has also won just about every single game decided by a TD.

    sorry, rambling....I'm just running out of superlatives.
  2. SeanBruschi54

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    #11 Jersey

    Dude i only read half but i give you credit for rambling on for like an entire page. I didnt think anyone had that much to say.

  3. BumShady911

    BumShady911 Banned

    get a life how about you point out his stats for their 12 thats twelve wins for a 4th consecutive year tying a record....2 Ls by last second FGs and 1 loss by 1 td and he did enough vs Pit to make the comeback and tie the game but....VANDERSHANKED for the 2nd time in his playoff career

    When's the last time the Colts lost 0-21????
  4. patsfaninpa

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    It wasn't 21-0. But, we did beat them 23-3 in a playoff game. Yes, playoffs. Using my best Jim Mora voice. Yes, Manning is a great reg. season qb. But, the playoffs are a better test when comparing elite qb's. Manning even has better talent around him and still isn't as good as Brady in the playoffs. Before you comeback with some stupid ***** comment about officiating. Shove it!!
  5. jman924

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    Well they, never got shut out, but that hose job by the Jags for 27 points this season was pretty inspiring.
    And lest we forget, 0-41 to the Jets.
  6. the taildragger

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    Dear Bum,

    Thanks for pointing out that the Colts have been the winningest franchise in the NFL over Peyton's career. They've won more than NE, Philly...anyone. Every year they just seem unstoppable, and yet every year they're stopped. We all have theories. We all point fingers at certain people. But you can't pretend the Colts are a great team and then excuse Manning for averaging less than a point a drive in his last four postseasons, given all the talent he has around him.

    I also agree that the Pats have been a generally overrated team that does in fact OVERACHIEVE. As fans, we tend to get caught up in the week to week stuff, but over the past 5 or 6 years, they've played at times very average (while still somehow winning), at other times they've looked like the greatest team of all time (mainly in their ability to adapt to versatile gameplans on a weekly basis), and at other times they've looked like the worst team in football (re: 21-0 loss to fins).

    Despite being more successful over a longer span than the Pats, we continue to make lame excuses when the Colts suck it in the end.

    It's more predictable than Haley's comet....or Herm Edwards screwing things up.

    42 drives...4 TDs. And a boatload of talent with which to score. Good luck with your rebuttal to my actual point...otherwise feel free to clumsily skate around it yet again.

    I guess i'm just sick of the misleading excuses the media rehashes every year...he hasn't earned a free pass. As a Colts fan, at what point do you start asking if you're getting your money's worth?

    I'm definitely game for round two...but you'll have to do better than that.
  7. RyanTheColtsFan

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    Clots suck i guess.
  8. Michigan Dave

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    Are you kidding? Trying to use the Pittsburgh game to prove a point? Do you remember what in all likelihood would've been the Colts' final drive? Peyton goes 3 and out, the last play that awful sack down inside the 10? That was choking at its finest. Just because a fluke fumble gave him a second chance (where he choked again- face it, there's no reason not to get a TD there, or at worst a chip shot FG) doesn't mean he didn't gag against Pittsburgh. Lets not forget the gift of the overturned Polamalu INT the refs gave Peyton either.

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