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    I posted last year after waiting 6+ hours for tickets and attending day one of the 2006 draft with some friends and our kids. We went back this year for day 2.
    The NFL encourages people to attend day 2 and if you stay the entire time, they give you a ticket for day one of the following year. While the day one lines extend around the block and nearly 2/3 people get turned away, it was empty yesterday with no lines with maybe 500 people in attendance. That's why you never saw them pan the crown on Sunday. (there was no crowd)The gave out draft packages of backpacks and little FM radios that also picked up the NFLN and ESPN feeds. We sat right behind press row , maybe 20 feet from the ESPN talking heads and got an earful when they were not on camera. Let's just say that some members of the crew treated the production staff like crap berating them and acting pretty high maintenance. All in all, they were friendly and gave autographs when they went on breaks and John Clayton even posed for pictures with the kids. Considering how busy he was scurrying back and forth, I give him alot of credit considering that he could have been aloof. He had a pretty good time giving a Redskins fan a hard time when the fan asked him to assess the 'skins draft.
    One of the press guys was so bored he had the MLB website up with pitch by pitch of the Sox-Yankees game for about two hours.
    The NFLN crew was pretty down to earth signing autographs for the kids and talking with the fans on their breaks as was Braylon Edwards who worked the crowd before he went on the ESPN set.
    There were the usual cast of characters (three guys in full Dallas Cowboys uniforms) and the guys whose heads were buried in draft magazines for 6 hours but it's a pretty cool experience that I definitely recommend.
    Just my $0.02,
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    Wow, sounds cool. I plan on attending as soon as I'm done with school, as it seems that draft weekend always coincides with a big paper/test/project. Next year perhaps.
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    how much were the tickets?...woudl it be possible for me to just attend day 2 next year, and get tickets for day one in 2010?? lol
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    I'd really like to know just who the jackassses were, I don't think I'm the only guy on this board that likes to root for the good guys.

    Christ, this is exactly what's wrong with press coverage of the draft. "1st round's done, time for me to punch out."
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    Free, though some people were selling them on EBay...
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    Mind sharing with us some more details? Thanks.

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