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    Was on tonight, link now up on website. Just a half hour edition. Nothing earth shattering, snipets from camp, some from a sponsors camp that looks like it was a hoot, brief clip of Kraft handing out rings, interview with Addai, some Zoliokie and a piece on Zoltan visiting Romania where he lived until he was 11 (still communist until revolution when he was 3 1/2).
    Also clip of the cheerleaders shooting the calendar in Jamaica...

    PFW Paul and Reiss both pretty high on the team. Reiss 1-90, Paul moreso on offense, he wants to see the D in pads first. Paul is high on Vereen. Mike pretty taken with Lloyd. Both are convinced Brady window is still all the way open. Mike says if you didn't know better you'd think he was mid 20's and not mid 30's. Says it's crazy to want to be talking about moving on...

    Patriots All Access - 6/15/2012
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