A great example of combine/scouting madness (link)

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by upstater1, Feb 25, 2008.

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    This is about Brian Brohm and how the scouts--after taking a closer look--have begun to favor guys like Henne and Flacco over him.

    It's as though the last 4 years didn't matter at all.

    I have watched so much of Henne and Brohm, I know them better than a great many starting NFL QBs. I've watched Brohm play in about 20 games. Henne in more.

    This kid Brohm is easily a better QB, and for my money he's the best QB in the draft. He won't be the next Marino, but he has a similar story. Marino was downgraded because of his senior season. Blackledge, Eason, OBrien, were all selected ahead of him. Brohm came back for his senior year, but his coach Petrino flaked out, and the replacement was in over his head.

    Whoever gets this kid at the top of the 2nd round will have an absolute steal. You know what worries me? If the Jets get this guy in the early 2nd, we could be looking at a Jets team with a REAL QB for the next decade.
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