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  1. broadwayjoe

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    For some reason, LB had become something of a draft-day afterthought in recent years. True, OLBs A.J. Hawk of Ohio State and Ernie Sims of Florida State were selected 5th and 9th overall, respectively, at the 2006 draft, however, they were actually the first outside backers taken with a top 10 pick since former Penn State star Lavar Arrington was the second player chosen in 2000. And it’s been an even longer drought at MLB; in fact, an inside LB hasn't been selected in the top 10 since 1993, although Ole Miss’ Patrick Willis was close this past April when he was selected 11th overall by

    I thought this was interesting. Do you still think the Pats will draft a linebacker in the first round in next years draft?
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  2. Ochmed Jones

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    The only way the Patriots draft a LB in the first round next year is if there is one available that projects very favorably into the Patriots system. And that projection gets very difficult if the player involved does not play college ball in a 3-4 (or a 4-3 with a true elephant backer end).

    Kenneth Sims is a perfect example of the folly of forcing a square peg in a round hole. Sims was a pure 4-3 DT and the Pats drafted him #1 overall and made him a 3-4 lineman.

    PS: Isn't Maualuga the guy that Pete "the Rete" Carroll played instead of Lua at MLB last season?

    Interesting fact, I think Brinkley of South Carolina has a twin brother that is moving from DE to LB this year. There is an opportunity for him to pad his stats if he can convince the scorekeeper to ignore the # on the jersey.

    With the anticipated loss of Gay, Samuel and probably Scott, BB needs to look at the secondary with a day 1 pick or two this offseason.
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    I'd be interested in a top ranked CB, I'm getting the impression DL isn't as great a draft need going forward...:D

    I watched part of the Tulsa/Louisiana-Monroe game the other night. Tulsa is playing a 3-4, though it looks more like the Chargers version. A LB who might be worth watching is #44 Alain Karatepeyan who looked big enough to plug in at ILB, and according to the Tulsa web page, is.

    Their Junior NT, #99 Terrel Nemons, looked pretty good in the middle, though I expect LeKevin Smith to continue to improve inside.

    For Lousiana-Monroe:

    #19 CB Darrius Battles looked good and was quite a hitter.

    Offensively #22 RB Calvin Dawson was a little sparkplug, it seems he would be a good zone RB - he definitely needs to work on receiving.
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    Remember: the winning pick in the draft contest was 2 picks out of 10.

    As someone once said, anyone outside the Pats' FO who could figure out exactly what the Pats were going to do on draft day would be working for the JEST right now. :p

    That said, if the Pats grab Animal, Jr., I will be downright thrilled. :D
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  5. rookBoston

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    How great would it be to take Laurenitis with the SF pick, and Maualuga with ours? The two best ILBs in college football side by side.
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    I honestly haven't seen Laurenitis play since he took Carpenters spot during the bowl game a couple years ago but I have seen a little of Maualuga. He is a big physical player.

    My current dream is Justin King and Maualuga.
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