Where They Stand: A Look Around the AFC East

Derek Havens
October 25, 2011 at 09:00am ET

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Seven weeks into the season, the divisional standings have begun to take shape. Enough games have been played to get an idea of the direction each team is heading with 10 weeks left to play. Here is a look at where the AFC East stands at this point in the season.

New England Patriots -

Overall Record: 5 - 1     Conference: 4 - 1     Division: 2 - 1

Next three games: At Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, at New York Jets


Buffalo Bills -

Overall Record: 4 - 2     Conference: 3 - 1     Division: 1 - 0

Next three games: Washington Redskins, New York Jets, at Dallas Cowboys


New York Jets -

Overall Record: 4 - 3     Conference: 3 - 3     Division: 1 - 1

Next three games: Bye Week, at Buffalo Bills , New England Patriots


Miami Dolphins -

Overall Record: 0 - 6     Conference: 0 - 6     Division: 0 - 2

Next three games: At New York Giants, At Kansas City , Washington Redskins



The Patriots have a slim lead in the division, but they are heading in the right direction. The team has the best record in the AFC and is definitely in contention moving forward. The Bills seem like they are for real and are in position to make a run at the post-season. While I believe they are much improved, I still do not consider them true contenders this year.

If I had to describe the Jets with one word, I would use inconsistent. Their defense is good, but not up to the level of past seasons. Their anemic offense needs to be adjusted if they want to be considered a threat later in the year. The Dolphins, well they are struggling in every area. The "suck for Luck" campaign seems to be in full motion and Tony Sparano is certainly on the hot seat.

There is still plenty of games to be played in the 2011 season, but the next few weeks should speak volumes for each team's fate in January.

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