Bledsoe News: Bills Talks with Blake Break Off

Ian Logue
April 19, 2002 at 8:27 pm ET

The Associated Press reported on Friday that free agent quarterback Jeff Blake is now negotiating with three NFL teams, including the Baltimore Ravens after talks broke off with the Buffalo Bills.

Blake’s agent Ralph Cindrich apparently feels the Bills aren’t serious about getting a deal done saying, “There’s nothing there.” As a result Blake has reportedly decided it’s time to move on.

Now that talks have broken off, the Bills have lost one of their bargaining chips as Donahoe had indicated that if he and the Patriots couldn’t come to an agreement, he’d be inclined to go ahead and sign Blake. The Bills could still draft quarterback Joey Harrington, however it was believed that they instead had planned to go after an offensive lineman in this weekend’s draft.

The Patriots meanwhile are reportedly only interested in Buffalo’s #4 selection in the first round, or they are content with keeping Bledsoe on the roster.

The Bills have said repeatedly that they won’t give up their first round pick, so for now there are no immediate signs of a possible deal.

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