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Zolak Report on "Big News" [Ron Howard voice: There was no news]

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Zolak claims that there's "big news" breaking tomorrow.. What's your take on this and any predictions? Jeudy,Dhop, or smoke?


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Is this actually something that people have seen Zolak said or is it just being reported by that turd Ramos?


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Doubt it’s even Patriots related, but on the chance it is, I doubt even more that it’s Patriot personnel related. If a trade was made or, God forbid, a Lamar Jackson signing occurred, it would be announced today- not randomly 24 hours later.

If it is Patriots-related, most likely something to do with Tom Brady, as others pointed out. Less likely, Belichick announcing his retirement date.


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Deleted now that I see follow up tweet
Actually since I have no clue who savage is I'm going to repost.

I'm pretty sure Zo was just messing with Bertrand as they were signing off because Bertrand is out of office tomorrow.
Maybe he was teasing him and has something real I only really had it on as background noise.
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