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Who are your favorite players of the early part of the Dynasty ?

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Been watching a lot of Patriot's highlights since the PatS won SB 51 (sue me, I miss football and am still on a SB high). And I love seeing some of my favorite players from the early part of the Dynasty. Here are my favorites (top 5).

1) Brady (obviously).

2) Bruschi- just loved the way he played football. A legend who always came up with clutch plays. One of my all time favorite Patriots. He could've played in any era. Just a warrior.

3) Harrison- I loved Rodney. He gave the defense that swagger, and that fear factor. He was definitely an enforcer back there at safety. Bone crunching hits and key interceptions. I believe he's one of a small handful of players in NFL history to be in the 30-30 club (30 ints, 30 sacks).

4) McGinnest- Willie was just a beast in big games. Maybe made even more big plays than Bruschi. All time playoff sack leader. Just an awesome player who was a great leader.

5) Brown- Troy Brown just did everything for those teams. That 2001 season, Wow. During the Dynasty, Receiver, returner, defensive back. Just a great clutch player for the Pats. Pretty much created that Patriot's slot role that Branch, Welker, Edelman and Amendola have all copied.

6) Faulk- Ok I went with 6, couldn't leave Kevin off of the least, another clutch player for the Pats. So many key 3rd down catches/runs and 2 point conversions, great blocker on 3rd downs as well, and the king of the screen pass receptions.

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Too many guys. How does Vinatieri not get listed here? And Ty Law made huge plays for us. The dynasty may not start at all without that pick-6 against Warner. It really should be like a top 20...too many guys that it's an insult to leave so many off the list.


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Givens, Bruschi, Branch, Rodney, and Law were all favorites of mine.


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Testaverde was a favorite of mine too.

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Troy Brown.

He was Brady's first Binky. He was the Pats "best decision" before the "best decision". He was the Pat's TB before TB.

One could argue that without TB there would not have been a TB.

Class act on and off the field.


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Ty Law, Rodney, Bruschi are three obvious ones.

Surprised Vrabel and McGinest haven't been mentioned yet. Those two were just awesome to watch. McGinest one yard line Indy 2003 and Vrabel SB catch are two of my fondest Pats memories.
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