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Steve Balestrieri believes that whoever wins on Sunday will likely be the one to raise the Lombardi trophy in Houston

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Pats sked: Bill Belichick presser (9a); practice (1130a); locker-room access (115p); pressers w/ Tom Brady, Logan Ryan, Nate Solder (115p).

Look what's already out in advance of Sunday. Anticipation here @GilletteStadium building with today's final presse…

@danmateus @CSNNE @pfwpaul @985TheSportsHub I literally haven't heard a single person predict that or even insinuate it could happen.

@Badseedz187 yeah, unfortunately haven't gotten as much opportunity to look deep at them. Maybe next week :)

@Nikhil_Laksh they don't just allow them to red zone, competitive to that point. It's just they don't over-commit in getting to that point

Wow. They already remodeled the White House.

From old #Steelers study notes, pre-snap movement w/ Antonio Brown used to be a BIG thing in red zone. Curious if they use more vs #Steelers

On this note, both KC & Pitt (facing Hill) seemed content to directionally kick OB or shorter hang-time, fair catch…

Going up on @periscopeco in 1 minute ... My kids/dog might interrupt.

@aburt63 potential there, sure. But struggles on the road stretch throughout season. They've struggled coming up w/ consistent answers

@StacyGSG I'm in. My only question: if I survive and become a convert, can I teach Greeny how to grill?

Last year I broke down this sick Antonio Brown PR TD. Ryan Allen, #Patriots coverage must limit opportunities Sunday

RT @CSNNE: Trash Talk: Is Antonio Brown or Le’Veon Bell the bigger threat? - @PFWPaul @JumboHart #Patriots #Patriots

@aburt63 no red zone TDs though. Having a real hard time seeing past last week. Good in field, less so when it counts.

@BostonPatriot86 TV picks have no consequence, it's just low-study theater. Sometimes they're just fading their counterparts to win on picks

@Nikhil_Laksh exactly. Better philosophy take w/ Patriots offense, why the do it. With = amount of possessions,they almost always score more

@Nikhil_Laksh obviously neither is good, but they roll w/ lesser or two evils, typically. KC thinking old coach, Bob Sutton

@Nikhil_Laksh naw, philosophy is more field yards are OK if ya tighten on high-red in. Overplay low & give up big pass play, don't want that

RT @Greg_Brody: @jwiggs85 tell Melissa if she comes down with the flu it shouldn't effect her ability to be on radio. Obviously it will eff…

@shakeeray1 Yes been married 20yrs, I understand what ya saying but they need to stay focused!!! #WIGGGSOUT !!!

RT @985TheSportsHub: Hurley’s Picks: Will NFL Get Coveted Brady-Rodgers Matchup For Super Bowl LI? -@michaelFhurley

@PP_Rich_Hill I thought #Chiefs & #Chiefs would provide the most parallels, so I mainly used those for review. Not sure on those

Patriots Mailbag: Defense Can Officially Shut Up Critics Vs. Steelers

1 surprising thing, # of 2-deep safety looks #Chiefs successfully used vs #Chiefs . Not necessarily C2, some 4, but didn't need down guy

RT @cpriceNFL: Logan Ryan: Patriots defense ‘had a chip on our shoulders’ this season

Don’t Believe The Hype: Antonio Brown’s video will have zero impact on Sunday’s AFC title game

Stunningly OT: US - Russia Hockey Game - Best Ever

Discussion in 'Boston Bruins Fan Talk' started by goheels22002, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. captain stone

    captain stone Pro Bowl Player

    Too bad Cindy Crosby & her scumbag PitsDirt linemate Kuntiz scored 2 of the 3 goals.

    I hate the NHL in the Olympics. At least none of the Bruins were injured, this year.
  2. Husse

    Husse Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    To be honest I don't think we overachived, we had the easiest possible way to the finals. Probably the easiest group, the easiest quarter-finals matchup and then Finland knocks out Russia so we get an opponent we a very familiar with (similar to us) in the semis.

    Canada played a much more physical game than we could handle.
  3. convertedpatsfan

    convertedpatsfan Supporter Supporter

    Any win without your top-3 forwards is a good one. Sweeping the group (even if it was the easiest) without those guys means you took care of business.

    Canada also barely got by Finland and Latvia (close 1-goal wins), both teams played very tough, so we have a healthy respect for what Sweden accomplished short-handed.

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