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Steeler LB Ryan Shazier has spinal surgery

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Sep 12th

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Reported has “spinal stabilization” surgery last night in Pittsburgh. Other details not released, but clearly has suffered a serious injury.


"You're gonna have to serve somebody..."

Prayers sent.

PatsDeb Supporter Supporter
Awful news. The dark side of the NFL. I hope that he makes a full recovery, for life purposes if not for football purposes. The funny (ironic) thing is, with all the Gronk and JuJu stuff going on this week, the play where he was hurt didn't look like anything bad. Just a move the wrong way...


Chairman & CEO of Team Bill Supporter
Seeing this it is difficult to fault players for trying to max their contracts. One unfortunate play is all it takes..

God speed to him for a full recovery.

Yea I never fault a player for chasing the last penny.

Pitt picked up the 5th year option in 2018 on him for $8.7m and it has an injury guarantee.

If he retires or is cut, at least that'll help with the medical bills.

Pat the Pats Fan

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I saw the play and it looked scary. The next day I scanned the interweb for news, and all I found was Gronk, Burfict and JuJu stories.......

PatsFanSince74 Supporter Supporter
God bless him and his family. I hope he makes a full recovery.
I was watching when the play occurred and it seemed unremarkable until he reached behind to touch his back and then just fell over onto his back, gesturing for help. Then, one got the sense that something was wrong.

PatsFanSince74 Supporter Supporter
Seeing this it is difficult to fault players for trying to max their contracts. One unfortunate play is all it takes..
Yeah. I say it out here every time someone suggests that a player should leave hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on the table "for the good of the team" at Contract time.

These guys play a dangerous game in which their career can end on the Practice Field, let alone between the lines on Sunday afternoon (not to mention getting cut for someone younger, stronger or faster at almost any time). I never begrudge any player for getting all he can get when he can get it.

I admire those, like Tom Brady, who decide to take a discount at times, but I don't hold it as a standard for others. I wouldn't hold it against Brady if he tried to squeeze every dollar he could out of the Patriots, but he has his own priorities, whether or not they are enabled by his wife's earning power.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
This is why I hate players lining up to hit others by leading with the crown of their helmet acting as a spear. It is dangerous to everyone involved, from who is doing the hitting to who is on the receiving end. Belichick certainly coaches up our guys to make textbook tackles. Otherwise you get Shazier or TJ Ward situations.