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So Cam wasn’t vaccinated with us after all.

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Fitzpatrick is still not gone for this season.

Once a team signs Cam, they will have created a QB controversy particularly if the team is losing.
This only exists in your fantasy of avoiding that you are wrong.
Teams bring in QBs all the time. If he would make them better why would they care? Why would WFT care if there was a controversy between 2 washed up QBs? What team on that list has QBs that would be susceptible to a qb controversy and they would care. Lose to protect Andy Dalton feelings?
You know this but you have dug yourself so deep in this hole by next year you will be saying you were right but no entire teams were wiped out by an industrial accident so they can’t bring Newton in because some players might have feelings hurt.

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I would love to know the reason why he didn't get the shot because whatever the reason was, it wasn't greater than him desperately wanting to get another job in the NFL.


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You can’t fix stupid. Maybe if he had done it in April, he’s probably still with the team. Then he doesn’t miss the week of practice, maybe Mac doesn’t dominate that week, and then maybe he’s still the starter until Mac was ready. Doesn’t mean he fights off Mac all season, but he’s probably on the team.

Doesn’t matter, he’s not a good QB. Mac probably surpasses his TD pass total next week from all last year, in game 7.

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