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Patriots sign their first undrafted free agent

2021 Patriots Season:
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Pick Results: NE: 98.3% at NYJ: 1.7%

Sep 19th

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Epic Thanos Sheldon Supporter
I beg to differ....

NFL Prospect Profile:

Based on leg strength alone, Nordin could get a look in an NFL camp, but the issues with accuracy and consistency that have dogged him for all four seasons could be hard for teams to ignore.
  • Four years of experience as Michigan's kicker.
  • Carries a big right leg.
  • Made 57-yard field goal in 2019.
  • Able to quickly generate ridiculous amount of lift.
  • Has hang-time and leg strength to potentially handle kickoffs.
  • Disappointing 72.4% success rate on field goals.
  • Poor 57.1% career success rate on the road.
  • Had trouble locking in on repeatable, accurate kicks.
  • Hits it with a lot of extra action on his kicks.
  • Just 2 of 7 (one bad snap) on tries of 50-plus yards in the last two seasons.
  • Never handled full-time kickoff duties.

Hercules Rockefeller

2nd Team Getting Their First Start
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
This is like bringing in a pitcher who throws 100 mph but can't throw strikes and seeing if your pitching coach can straighten him out. Aguayo is the more likely long shot to make it but this is worth a shot.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Michigan fans seem to be of the opinion that he's great from 40+ yards, but is pretty inconsistent under 40 yards.


2035 Weekly NFL Picks Winner Supporter
Maybe I’m in the minority here (ok maybe not maybe) but I can’t trash someone if they have never taken an NFL snap. I’m hopeful...I hope he is an excellent kicker.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
What I'm coming to appreciate more with every passing day is that other than the Pats FO and the mediots the people we need to hear from first on any transaction are Captain Stone and zipster. Then we can move on.