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DRAFT Patriots select WR Tyquan Thornton at 50.

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I like this pick, looks like he can use his speed to set up defenders. He can always gain weight.

He has good hands and is super fast.
Unsure about the acceleration also goes down easily.

Kind of like a faster Brandon Lloyd

NG Pats Fan Supporter Supporter
6’3 very long arms, insane speed 4.2 and game tape he looks fast…still a project though. We don’t know how how he’ll translate Vs nfl corners but he’s a different type than we’ve drafted in past with height speed and separation ability.

I like the pick butttt what did we like about him we didn’t about Pickens? Pickens looks like a pro bowl talent on film


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Multi sport athlete in HS. Track background, legit burner that can fly. From Florida

Big time speed with different gears. Different type of speed that makes DB think. Most impressive attribute I noticed here was his body control and balance. He can shift, turn and move without losing any mph. Big time blazer. Not the quickest it takes a second to hit top gear but he's got legit high 4.2, low 4.3 speed.

No problems getting out his breaks but he has to get stronger he's tiny. Plus stop & start ability though. Fluid athlete with good COD. Again plus balance and body control.

Fiesty, tough blocker, plus stalk blocker. Very good tracking ability, remains calm and poised throughout this phase and can make a play in a the air now & then but again he's smaller at 180.

Good hands but could get stronger at catch point. They're small so he has to get stronger there. You can see it effect deep shots in close quarters at times.

Underutilized on offense and could be a deep threat from the slot as well as on in-breaking routes. Used primarily as a vertical threat. He could definitely handle more on his plate. Natural ST/gunner, day one. Good spacial and field awareness, he's alert and ready all times.

He has to add more details in his route running though. Head/body fakes, working off leverage, changing up his tempo, stacking defenders. Route running needs some work for sure. Wasn't exposed to a full tree and might not at this level bc of his size. He absolutely knows what to do, natural separation but he has to make the routes his own. A lot of this comes with experience.

I had a high 4th on him. Again surprised where we took not necessarily the prospect.



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I mean it’s a reach BUT unlike the freaking FCS guard, this guy at this position can at least theoretically have a high ceiling and surprise us as someone who makes us BETTER soon. So it’s fine why not.


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I've been wanting this kind of wr for YEARS. Decent stats with actual speed. It feels like we didn't overthink it for once and went for the guy that seemed as opposite of Harry as it gets. Skinny and weakish, but fast and creates separation.

I'm hoping this doesn't mean the end for Agholor because I want as many wrs with speed as possible.