Outside of the Patriots, my favorite team this year has been...

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Sep 27th

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The Atlanta Falcons.

No, seriously. Imagine if the choice we had going into this Super Bowl was watching Peyton Manning win it, or watching Don Shula's son get the undefeated season. I think I might have shot myself.

So thank you, Atlanta Falcons. You have made the Super Bowl at least halfway palatable for me.


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Yeah right? I'd have actually been cheering for the Panthers even if they were undefeated going into this SB, but I'm glad they aren't.

A replay of SB 48 will make this season a good one. Not a great one, but a good one.


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I live in Seahawks territory. They are so insufferable right now that I am buying a white Malcom Butler jersey and I'm never taking it off. If I stop posting here I've been shot, praise me as a martyr.
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