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OT: Joe Burrow out for season


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Apr 3, 2006
Can someone explain to me all of the Chiefs hate? It has to deeper than “they’re good and had a few lucky breaks”, which is all I’m really seeing in this thread.
If there were another team/QB doing this well, it’s likely I’d hate them with a lot more conviction than the Chiefs. But I think the reason most people hate them:

1. Success breeds contempt. Jealousy.

2. They have gotten a lot of calls down the stretch and it’s a pattern. That said, there are bad calls and 50/50 calls all the time in every game. The team that wins is always resented, whereas if a team gets a few questionable calls and still loses no one cares or talks about conspiracies. So part of this is legit griping and part of it is sour grapes.

3. I used to stand up for Kelce on here because I didn’t see any issues with his behavior, but I think people are sick of seeing him and Mahomes whoring themselves out on every commercial 24/7. So just overexposure…not that every team in sports at that level of fame didn’t do something similar, but annoying nonetheless.

4. Mahomes wife is an annoying moron and a sore loser. His mom is too. You have to think that traces back to him. His brother is a mega douche. There’s something off about that guy behind the scenes, even if he is a legendary QB in the making.

5. Andy Reid shouldn’t be constantly paraded as the nicest guy ever and a great leader. His personal life and kids clearly indicate otherwise.

6. The Chiefs act benevolent when in fact they’re just being opportunistic when they give second chances to players who perpetrate domestic violence, which does cross a stark line with many teams. I personally believe this is one thing that makes someone irredeemable and any signs of “rehabilitating” the player is just a ruse.
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Jun 6, 2012
Can someone explain to me all of the Chiefs hate? It has to deeper than “they’re good and had a few lucky breaks”, which is all I’m really seeing in this thread.
I don't hate them. I haven't since they won the SB in 1970 and shut those NFLers up for good. Right now I don't think we want them to get close to one of the Pats two dynastic runs though.

Lucky is a pretty good word to describe the current version of the Chiefs with Mahomes. Look at what has happened for them. Many of the teams in contention in the AFC have already lost their starting QBs this season, the Chiefs have only one tough game left and it's at home and a top seed means that Mahomes has still never played a playoff game on the road in his entire career. The closest they came was last year when they lost to both of the contending teams but a snafu in the Bills game gave them home field over both of the teams they lost to, thanks to a very favorable ruling from Goody and the 32. It really feels like the NYFL wants them to win and the skids are greased and ready to go for this year.

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