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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Saints @ Pats

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Mac finishing today’s game as the leading rusher for the New England Patriots. Something went horribly wrong.


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Rough. Did a lot of things bad that are common for bad teams. Will be thrilled if this team can somehow get to 8 wins.

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The Patriots spent a ton of money but what did they really get? They rebuilt the roster with sore parts. They spent a fortune on a bunch of “good” players when they really needed a couple of great ones. Granted they might have not been available but you have some rebuilding to do through the next couple seasons.

you desperately need a restructured offensive line, you’ll need guys to step up and become leaders as the older guys move on.

you need a #1 receiver, doesn’t need to be an all world guy but someone reliable to get you out of trouble.

and then hope Mac Jones develops into a playoff quality QB

this is not a rebuilt team, it’s a team rebuilding


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There is no chemistry on offense and it starts with the **** oline.

Then it's McDaniels inability to get the right calls called at the right moments. Come on, back to back runs in the red zone by bolden for 0 yards? Ooff

Fire the offensive coordinator.
- Brandon Bolden running the ball in the red zone over Harris, Taylor, Stevenson.
- Crappy OLine is on the oc.
- No clue how to use 2TEs at all.



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I said 9-8 and no playoffs yet. Sticking to that.
If Harris doesn't fumble we win that game and are 2-0, if Jonu doesn't drop the int that goes for the td, it's a close game...I'm not saying we're a great team by any stretch at this point, but a bounce of the ball here and there and you never this point, I'm not sure if we're a 10 win team, but I think we have some talent, we just need to be more consistent.
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