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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bucs @ Pats

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Thought I would start this a little early today. Let's see if we can bounce back from a bad performance last week. Hopefully Trent Brown, Josh Uche and JC can
go tonight. We need our O-line to play better and we'll need to run the ball tonight.

We all have been waiting for this game since the schedule came out. The two goats going against each other, should be very interesting.

Harry to make his debut tonight!!

Hoping for no injuries of course. Please no trolling as well.

Go Patriots!!!!

Let's discuss.


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Here it is. The Segway of regular season games. For people not old enough to remember, it was billed as the announcement that would change the world. Ended up being a dud.

I’m expecting a ho hum Bucs win over a rebuilding NE squad. Hope I’m wrong.


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Do you think anyone put shipping peanuts in the visiting QB locker?

would have been a cool welcome back message.

hoping for a bunch of rotating odd defensive looks that throws TB off just enough and the OL holds their end up enough for Mac to take advantage of porous pass D: 27 -20 win.
But back in real world, thinking 31 -24 loss is more likely.


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Hoping for a fluky, gritty and greasy game where the odd bounces and 50/50 plays swing mostly to the Pats favor.


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Very reflective game for us fans that have been around for the start. Time truly flies for us all.

So very appreciative for all the good memories...even if these past 20 years took 6 months off my life..

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How lucky are we? Can't wait for the game tonight...and am looking forward to the future with this rookie qb going forwards....


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Any word on our questionables?


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This game is hyped more than any of the Super Bowls, ever. Been sick of the hype.

As far as the game, Tampa has the worst passing defense in the NFL at this point, and even more injuries back in the defensive backfield. It’s time to take the training wheels off of Mac and let him throw. Let him be the Mac we saw in Alabama. Forget running 60% of the time, pass 60% of the time, or more. When we do run, need to get Stevenson and Taylor involved, also get them involved in the passing game.

I think, even with all the injuries, Tampa probably wins big, but I’d love to see a competitive game, see Mac break out, with a chance for the Pats to win. But it’s very rare Brady loses 2 in a row.


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I have bashed Curran a lot over the last 5 years or so,deservedly. But he hit the nail on the head on this.
You could see how much thought and reflection both Tom and Bill put into this and all their responses. As it should be.
The 2 GOATs.


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Curran’s tweet is nice to read. I wish we as a fan base could follow that lead. Don’t be bitter because it’s over, be happy that it happened. I wish Tom success as long as it is not opposed to New England’s success. Getting hung up on shoulda-woulda-coulda for years is unhealthy and unproductive.
agree 100% and commented on it to him as well. Of course they both want to win the game. Man, as a fan base we saw some great football around here for ~ 20 years. File me in under thankful and so glad I got to see it as well...
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