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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bills @ Pats

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I can't say how disappointed I was with the play of Matthew Judon. On that last 4th down play, he just took 2 steps up the field and got COLLAPSED by the LT, like he just gave up. It's been like he's been disinterested all game. The bigger the moment, the smaller he played. Just sayin'

thats what happens to one’s will when they know they are routinely, Blatantly being held and the refs are obviously not doing any thing about it. I’d call them on their **** and take the fine.


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I’ll say it again, the team isn’t aggressive enough and wants to play a heavy game management style that is only working against teams that we can get the jump on early. We aren’t built to come from behind or win a shootout, which you need to be able to do to be a contender in the modern NFL.
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