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O/T: Sorry I Haven't Posted In Awhile

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Sep 12th

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Stay strong, I hope each day gets a little easier and you are on the road to a full recovery


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Your doctor is better at catching than our WRs. Sign the beast!!!

All the best in your recovery.


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Stay well man. I hope that this doesn't cause a relapse but the Patriots drafted a kicker in the 5th round.

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All the best, Gwedd. Great to see you rise from the couch and get this post registered.

(And, recently, a portion of the posts here are toxic enough to probably cause cancer, much less help someone recover from it, so you might want to have someone act as a screener.)

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Yah after being gutted like cleaning a fish then 5 years cancer free declared "cured", BANG! my cancer came back in year 6. Fortunately treatments are working last 3 years to hold it at bay.
Good thing is the tons of walking for my blocked coronary arteries that are too blocked to stent that I've been doing here stuck in FL has had me drop 12 LBs, mostly fat. Bad news is I've lost almost 5 LBs muscle that my wife likes because I'm not at the gym lifting. Catch 22.
Stay well!


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Hey All,

I have had a relapse of my kidney cancer. Coupled with the self-quarantine, it's made life interesting.

Mostly, it's the drugs that are impacting my posting/commenting, etc. I just feel like I've finished an 18-game season and want to lay about. But, things still have to get done. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. Fortunately,I have a home healthcare worker who comes by 3 times a week,and her assistance is invaluable.

The good news is that the cancer hasn't spread, and was caught quickly enough that it should be fully treatable and eradicated. The bad news is that while the meds they use are wonderful, their side effects suck big time. Ispent the entire draft on my couch, with a bottle of Tums and a bottle of water to stay hydrated. I wanted to comment, but just couldn't draw up the energy to do so.

However, I've been lurking, and trying to keep up with the posts, eat right, hydrate, and beat this damned disease again.

I appreciate, TRULY appreciate all the great folks on this board, and especially Ian for keeping it up and running. Hopefully, everything will be fixed by August when the season starts.

Best wishes to all, and GO PATS!

Amen! Prayers for your good health. Our Father and three Hail Marys sent... I figure they can also double as my do-it-yourself confession penance. o_O;)


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It's sucked here without you.

Helping you to catch up:

"Is that essential? That doesn't look 'essential'."

Watching chicks argue and act drunk while pretending to be a miffed patriots fan ..bleah. Um not exactly the most compelling reason to come back here.. o_O. Unless they are doing it topless next time.. thx. :p


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You’re sorely missed. Get well soon and stay the hell inside. Keep checking in and don’t be afraid to ask for help, financially, should you need it. Cancer is a drain on the body, soul, and bank account. I’ll be happy to donate if needed.

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Welcome back and stay safe.
Blessings to you and your family Gwedd.
Are you Welsh or have Welsh blood,,just curious with your name.
Take care and Ramadan Kareem brother.❤
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