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Nov 1st

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captain stone

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Yes!!! Big body with talent.

He certainly had an impressive athletic profile coming out of Iowa:

A 22-year-old senior at one of Bill's favorite colleges, he generally under-achieved there compared to what his traits should've allowed him to accomplish, though at least he was trending upwards...Unfortunately his under-achievement has continued in the pros, along with injuries in 2016
& 2017...I hadn't realized how many teams he's gone through already...I hope that his agent, his family, Iowa HC Ferentz & the Pats have told him
what kind of opportunity lies before him, and how few of these might be remaining...Damn shame if all that size & ability were wasted, because we could certainly use more of that here...

jimnance Supporter Supporter
I’d definitely consider sending CIN a conditional 88th round pick for question.

Id definitely consider a 6th rounder like Barnwell speculated. He comes cheap as hell, very low risk.
Yeah I know his injury history. He was a top 10 draft pick just 3 years ago and is a serious speedburner/deep threat and an upgrade over bird. Would be a typical low risk/high reward BB deal.
If he doesn't work out, you gave up minimal draft capital and pocket change.
But the upside is there. A speedy deep threat is the one component lacking with our wrs. With the combo of Patriots being the #1 rushing team, plus the threat of Cam and our lack of a deep threat, teams will constantly stack the box vs. the run and devote all pass defense resources to stop the mof with JE11 and Gunner. Ross could be a difference- maker and if not, you didnt give up much.
I mean it aint like the Pats ever drafted anyone decent in the 6th round before


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I mean it aint like the Pats ever drafted anyone decent in the 6th round before

Well just as long as the person didn't play at Michigan it seems