NFL fires official Hugo Cruz, who missed false start in Chargers-Browns

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Some radical action by the NFL
One of the most blatant blown calls in the NFL this year was a missed false start on the Chargers against the Browns, when left tackle Russell Okung moved early on a play when the Chargers scored a touchdown. The official who missed that call has reportedly been fired.

Hugo Cruz, the down judge who should have flagged Okung and blown the play dead, has been fired, according to
NFL fires official Hugo Cruz, who missed false start in Chargers-Browns

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He was part of the Jaguars v Patriots crew.

borg Supporter Supporter
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Let's end this ref charade.
Anyone in the know understands SkyNet is in control.
The only on the field piece of equipment necessary is a single AI device charged with ball retrieval and placement
I shall name it Peyton based on his legendary ball placement technique


In the Starting Line-Up
As technology improves, the sports leagues need to adapt and keep up.
Watching the World Series - umpires calling strikes four or five inches out of the zone. There is really no reason to accept this anymore.
If the unions demand, fine, pay them to sit and watch with us. But no reason to accept calls that 100% of the fans watching the game know are wrong.
Use the technology. Eliminate stupidly bad calls.

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I saw that play live and it was ridiculous it wasn’t called. Tackles leaving early has been a problem for a while and the NFL keeps ignoring it. The tackles have a clear advantage cheating to the outside so pass rushers can’t speed rush them.

The NFL also needs to ban Guards from squatting at the line of scrimmage then standing up and getting the signal from the QB to relay to the Center. The home crowd becomes a nonfactor for road teams. The Steelers are the biggest offenders of this.
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