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NEW ARTICLE: Patriots 2021 Training Camp Primer – Cornerbacks

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Sep 26th

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Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
Patriots 2021 Training Camp Primer – Cornerbacks
Steve Balestrieri
Jackson returns after signing a one-year, 2nd round tender. The team has to make a decision with him next year at the latest but should do so during the season to sew him up long-term.

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captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
Our CB depth, even with Gilmore, is dicey...Without him, it's a disaster.

JCJack is NOT a #1 CB.

Myles Bryant might or might not be an adequate backup Slot to JJones, but he is Not a Safety.

Speaking of Safeties, Mike Jackson looks more like a FS than an Outside CB.

Dee Virgin & DeAngelo Ross are camp bodies and not a dam thing more.

Jalen Mills is way, Way, WAY Over-Paid and won't be that much more of an improvement over DMac...Hell he might be more of a FS than CB himself.

It goes without saying of course...but SloJuan Williams absolutely fukcing Sucks...And for no good reason at all, Billy hasn't seen fit to draft another CB for the pipeline (Kenny Webster does Not count) since him.