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NEW ARTICLE: Patriots 2021 Training Camp Primer – Cornerbacks

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Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
Patriots 2021 Training Camp Primer – Cornerbacks
Steve Balestrieri
Jackson returns after signing a one-year, 2nd round tender. The team has to make a decision with him next year at the latest but should do so during the season to sew him up long-term.

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captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
Our CB depth, even with Gilmore, is dicey...Without him, it's a disaster.

JCJack is NOT a #1 CB.

Myles Bryant might or might not be an adequate backup Slot to JJones, but he is Not a Safety.

Speaking of Safeties, Mike Jackson looks more like a FS than an Outside CB.

Dee Virgin & DeAngelo Ross are camp bodies and not a dam thing more.

Jalen Mills is way, Way, WAY Over-Paid and won't be that much more of an improvement over DMac...Hell he might be more of a FS than CB himself.

It goes without saying of course...but SloJuan Williams absolutely ****ing Sucks...And for no good reason at all, Billy hasn't seen fit to draft another CB for the pipeline (Kenny Webster does Not count) since him.