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NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Affect of Patriots Free Agent Frenzy on Draft Needs and Morse's Morsels

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Dec 6th

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MORSE: Affect of Patriots Free Agent Frenzy on Draft Needs and Morse's Morsels
Mark Morse
Some thoughts on the Patriots free agents along with pondering what the team might do in the coming weeks.

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captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
"One thing we do know is that he will make trades whenever possible. Up and down the draft board to get the players he wants. They are not necessarily what other teams want, nor how the experts have them ranked. The Patriots have a draft board of only about 75 players."

If this number is correct, then this is a big part of the problem with Billy's drafting.

A Garoppolo trade could still happen after the draft; SF doesn't need more 2021 picks as much as it will need picks in 2022 & '23, so maybe Bill will give Lynch another call if he doesn't find a QB of the Future in the draft...

If Stephon Gilmore's departure is as expected as some people believe, then I think Bill would've been more aggressive in the UFA CB market than just Jalen Mills...

Agree about our WRs, RBs & DTs...but maybe Bill is seriously considering Mills or SloJuan Williams as our FS of the Future...?


DT Milton Williams 6’3” 284, 4.62 40, 6.87 3 cone"

Are those numbers misprints? For somebody weighing 284 lbs?!?