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NEW ARTICLE: Kraft Needs to Waive 5-Year Rule, Put Edelman In the Hall This Summer

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Sep 12th

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ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter
I can see the argument for Edelman, though: Super Bowl MVP who played a decade+ and didn't willingly go to another team.

Ring 6 Supporter Supporter
The football Hall of Fame doesn't just measure tangible, on-the-field accomplishments. If it did, it would select members with established metrics. If you achieved them, you're in, if you haven't, you're not. We all know there are plenty of "deserving" players who've achieved every imaginable metric, but still aren't in the HOF. Why? Because the HOF doesn't work by tangible metrics alone. Intangibles play a major role. Accomplished players who weren't popular, who weren't generally admired or who were disliked have a hard time getting in. And this is where the case for Edelman resides: He was an almost universally admired player, by teammates or opponents, and few have been better liked during their careers. He deserves to be in the HOF not just for his on-the-field achievements, which were significant, especially succeeding in a position he didn't play in college, but for who he was as a player, how he was viewed by fans and sports writers, the impact he made on the game and on his team's fortunes. Julian Edelman deserves to be in the HOF because few players, if any, had a bigger heart than he did. And if you look at who's in the HOF, you'll see that metric means a great deal.
The reason “metrics” don’t determine the HOF is because metrics don’t effectively measure the quality of a player, including many positions that don’t have stats.
Intangibles like “big heart” are not HOF criteria and absolutely 100% of the equation is what you did on the field. Your mistake is thinking that statistics are the way to measure.


Chairman & CEO of Team Bill Supporter
Step back and take a deep breath, then resist the urge to cook up this kind of stuff.

If you waive the rule for a very deserving candidate, then the next guy will be insulted if you don't waive it for him too, regardless of if he deserves it or not.
100% agree. JE11 was a great Patriot but not fair to other just-as-deserving Patriots alumni.

Steve:Section 102

A lion isn't concerned with the opinion of sheep Supporter
Kraft Needs to Waive 5-Year Rule, Put Edelman In the Hall This Summer
Steve Balestrieri
While NFL writers are falling all over themselves to rush to proclaim why Julian Edelman isn’t a Hall of Fame WR, which is way too soon for t

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We can waive that rule for two guys. Brady and Belichick. Everyone else can wait.