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Idle thoughts - The late edition.

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Sep 19th

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Great write up, usual.

I didn't think the Patriots played as badly as you thought they did. In fact, I was very relaxed watching this game even when they were down by 10 early. The Patriots controlled this game at the LOS. Brady was untouched as you mentioned and our pass rush was getting pressure. After we went up 2 scores...the Bears made it closer.

One play in particular I want to give a shout out to Adam Butler. It was with 6:05 left in the 3rd. Butler rushed Trubisky, but the Bears were setting up a screen with Cohen...and Butler all of sudden dropped back to cover Cohen/the screen blockers...and Trubisky had to throw the ball away. Great play...great situational awareness....unlike Clayborn who just rushes blind too much for my liking, IMO.

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