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How much is a DT worth? Bucs sign Vita Vea to 4 year $73m deal, $42 m guaranteed

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He's a great player. JPP and Barrett were out there for 90 plays. Vea was out there for 30. Not to mention the 6 straight games they won without him at the end of the year. I never said he wasn't great or important. I said the opposite. But I was contesting the poster who said Barrett and JPP excelled as pass rushers because of Vea.

That's plainly not true. Look at those 6 straight wins end of the year without Vea. Look at the low number of snaps Vea played compared to the other 2 in the Super Bowl. How can anyone possibly say that? It's mindless to give Vea credit for their play when he wasn't even on the field for much of it


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In BB's best defenses the following positions are key and worth paying for, otherwise the defense can't consistently make key stops in critical moments: CB1, NT/DT, MLB, and Strong Safety.



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Again, have you watched many of Tampa's games?
All of them.

Guess what? Vea wasn't there at all during the 6 game win streak prior to the CG. I wasn't watching Vea. Because Vea wasn't playing. I was watching Brady and the Bucs pass rushers who were all over the QBs they were playing against. I wasn't watching Vea in the Super Bowl either for 60 plays. He wasn't there. JPP and Barrett were.

Have you ever seen a Buccaneers game other than the one in Foxboro this year?