Do We Need To Use A Roster Spot On A Punt Returner?

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luuked Supporter Supporter
That is quite possible.

I believe that we will carry 5 WR's plus Slater. Gunner could be the #5 WR. My point in starting this thread is that I don't think that he'll make the roster as a punt returner, without being the #5 receiver.

Edelman, Sanu, Harry, ???, ???, Slater

The other two positions are wide open. Byrd, Meyers and Gunner are the favorites, plus the required UDFA as a competitor (Thomas this year).

And yes, Belichick could trade for a WR, using Sanu's money, or not. IMO, that doesn't affect Gunner.

I think the top 4 are pretty much set with Edelman, Sanu, Harry, Byrd. Damiere will win the deep/burner role by default almost.

The final spot looks like Meyers vs. Gunner and from everything we heard so far it looks like Gunner is decidedly winning that battle.

Unless there are some injuries Meyers will most probably have to hope that we will carry 6 WRs plus Slater.

In summary I think there is a good chance we will indeed only carry 5+1 this year.

Ochmed Jones

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Cody Davis is a whale of a special teams player. Hard to imagine he does not make this team.

in all fairness, gunner should be the punt returner and he can play some wide receiver, despite all the passes he drops.


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I don't like Edelman returning punts. I mean, I know he's good at it, it just seems to me to be a high-risk play. I would put Olszewski back there.

Joker Supporter Supporter
we must have a returner with cat like quickness, 9 lives and a clawing will to succeed!


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Hopefully not Sanu, he was the worst PR I’ve ever seen (granted his ankle was ****ed).

Find Gunner or someone semi explosive to return punts most games and save Jules for big games and the playoffs.
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