Derek Rivers not giving up

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Nov 1st

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Like Edelman said, it’s going to be one hell of a story.

But probably not.

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Having played 6 games in 3 years is a pretty good motivator for Rivers.. considering the average career of an NFL player is 3.5 years...

He needs to show up this year if he wants a future in the NFL, if not Vince McMahon can find a gaudy outfit for him..


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Had high hopes too. Really thought he’d become a contributor. Lost that hope 2+ years ago.
When he got drafted I watched this 25 minute video of a guy on YouTube going through Rivers' tape and pointing out his outstanding bend and ability to turn the corner around pass blocking tackles and got excited. Ah well.


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Nor should he. Longer shots have turned into productive players. The odds are definitely NOT in his favor though. It would help if he could make some bones on special teams to buy him more time to prove worth elsewhere (the Ninkovich/Van Noy path). Regardless, I doubt the Pats are penciling him in for anything at this point.


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Gutted for him. Just hope he hasn’t blown his money away. Would be nice for him to just have a good season. He’s had terrible luck so far in his career

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I thought Rivers in the 3rd round was highway robbery. He had the profile of a stud pass rusher, and even when he's played he's shown the occasional flash. Problem is 'when he's played' which has been, well, practically never thus far in his career. Hoping for a pleasant surprise this year in camp but nothing to count on at this point.


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Derek Rivers may not have given up, but the rest of us have...
Who would "the rest of us" be?

The people that live in the most powerful City on Earth? or
Washington Capitals fans? or
Washington Nationals fans? or
Are you speaking for all Pats fans?