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Cam Newton offers (weak?) defense of Josh McDaniels

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Dec 6th

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In the Starting Line-Up
Cam does Cam, period. At this point, "doing Cam" means spraying balls all over hell and gone like some JUGS gun run amok, or stumbling occasionally a couple feet into the end zone. Nobody, Josh included, can coach up THAT s---t.

Couldn't care less what Cam thinks. Ask Wiggy; he'll know.
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2nd Team Getting Their First Start
So when Cam threw for 370 yards twice, it seemed it was only allowed when they were trailing and let him start throwing. Otherwise it seems to be the Jacoby Brisett playbook?
No its when they played the worst passing defense in the league. Honestly I am not sure I would take Cam's advice on whats wrong with the pats offense.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
What do you expect Cam to say?

"I am a god awful passer. Josh has no choice but to call plays that maximize my strenghts. I can throw short/medium-range passes at 100mph, but I cannot do anything else. I have no touch, no pocket awarneness and I cannot throw it deep with any semblance of accuracy... and I can barely read a defense presnap... so I never adjust. I can run though, that I can do."

That being said, McDaniels should be able to get more creative in the red zone and design plays that use Cam's running ability as a decoy or something. Constantly coming back to the same ****ty option play won't cut it.

The QB and the personnel are a bigger problem than the OC... even if the OC is indeed part of the problem.
Well, he would not be lying.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Despite all that Belichick has fielded a team that's been to 5 SBs winning 3 since 2008.
Oh now we are back to giving Belichick the credit for it. When they lose its everyone else. You can do quite a few misses and mess ups when you have an all time QB.