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Sep 27th

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They lost 34-3 to someone who had never thrown a pass in the league vs a team that had one win going into the evening. They hardly even played Irvin that game, for some reason. The Raiders stink.

Deus Irae

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Current cap hit is approximately one half of $8,250,000, and the Patriots are down near the bottom of the waiver list.


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Perhaps he'll pass through waivers since teams don't think picking up his salary is worth it. But I've seen him take some really stupid penalties. Maybe that's enough to keep Belichick away.

I hope Oakland releases Lynch from IR.

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He was the leader of the crap.
Always ugly to watch a guy giving up on his teammates even if franchise gave up on him & team.


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Watching them get trashed by the 9ers was a masterpiece! Gruden was a nostalgic signing ala Joe Gibbs with the Redskins. The Raiders made a huge mistake hiring Gruden and I only see this getting worse. 1st round picks are great, but you better hit on them which they probably won’t.

With that being said, I’d take Irvin if he clears waivers but look for him to go back to Seattle or a scheme similar like the 9ers, Falcons, Jaguars, etc.

Maho Hiyajo

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I'm pretty sure his cap hit right now is $4M like luuked mentioned (since it's after the trade deadline). That being said, will anyone want to claim him at that sort of hit?