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11/02/2020 MNF Tampa Bay at Giants

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Ras-IR Dowling

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A side note, I don't mind the bucs color scheme, kind of nice. Definitely not as nice as ours, though. Also, anyone else kind of over the new jerseys of ours? Stripe at the shoulders bothers me.
I don’t like the fact that once we made the switch we started losing more. If we’re gonna suck let’s bring back the pat patriot unis that way at least we look good.

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Steve Young is so incredibly butthurt by Brady's success it's actually sad to's OK Steve, you'll always have those precious Tampa Bay years of yours to look back moronicism is a thing I guess...


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That Giants run up the middle illustrates the problem you have with an one-gapping aggressive defense. If you overpursuit, you leave a big hole behind you.