Hobbs: “guys were faking injuries”

Ian Logue
September 1, 2009 at 12:02 pm ET

There was an interesting piece in yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer regarding former New England Patriots cornerback Ellis Hobbs (now with the Eagles), where he took some shots at his former team.

It’s no secret that there was some animosity after New England traded him to the Eagles during draft weekend back in April. He’s made some derogatory quotes publicly, but there was a quote that certainly raised some eyebrows when I read that piece.

“I played with a torn labrum in my shoulder and a sports hernia,” Hobbs told the newspaper about fighting through injuries during his time here with the Patriots. “Not one day did I shut it down. I was a starter and on special teams, and I did anything that was required. Guys were dogging it and tanking it sometimes. I mean, put it out there, some guys were faking injuries and getting a certain amount of dollars.”

That’s a pretty strong accusation/revelation to make to “put it out there”. One would have to wonder which players he’s referring to, and I’m sure we probably haven’t heard the last of this one.

  • Good thing that he played hurt. He got beat constantly, and gambled on nearly every route. He wasn’t any good when healthy/hurt, so its disappointing in this regard. And I really don’t believe he played with a sports hernia. Thats next to impossible to run with, and I’ve got a hunch coaches would catch up on that.

  • the fact of the matter e.h u were not hurt when u let plax get by you.i would have taken a penalty and im sure bb would agree bef i let that happen

  • hell rodney played with a broken arm in a s.b ty would have never let plax get by him all he had to do was keep plax in front of him the referees would not have called anything with less than 2 mins to play not smart e.h.

  • DaBruinz

    Mr. Merritt –
    I have news for you. Your information is grossly incorrect. Hobbs was, in fact, injured when Plax beat him for the game winning TD. In fact, The Patriots were on an all out blitz, leaving both corners on an island.

    Before calling Hobbs dumb, you might want to consider how you look for not knowing that Hobbs played in that SB with both the torn groin and torn labrum.

    As for the claim he didn’t have a sports hernia, yes, he did. He had the surgery for it only a couple weeks after the SB. Also, it should be noted that the year prior, Brady had the same thing and was running. Ty Warren spent almost the entire 2008 season playing with a sports hernia.

    It’s all a matter of the threshold of pain one can overcome. Whether it be one’s natural tolerance or a heightened tolerance due to cortisone shots/pain killers.

  • matt

    Hobbs you my firend lost Superbowl 42 for us, plz just stop speaking.

  • Mark Doldon

    Hold on: Hopefully for the Patriots sake Kravitz doesn’t get his wish? You sure about that?

    Here s the thing: the way it stands right now, half of football fans are thinking that NE doesn’t deserve to be in the Super Bowl. Right or wrong, the team has a rep, and this just adds to it.

    Fast forward until SB Sunday. Lets assume that the Pats win the game. You do realize that no matter WHAT happens to the game, if the Pats win, that same section of fans will always, ALWAYS say they didn’t deserve it they cheated, their coach cheated. But let;s back up a bit and say that BB is suspended or (better) fired. Now, the Pats at least can play on their own, the taint of ‘cheat’ at least doesn’t apply to the Super Bowl itself. To be really honest, if they win without Bellichick, their legacy is a lot stronger than winning with him. IMHO. It simply looks better to win without the designated cheater calling the shots. You’ll never retrieve the teams rep totally, but dumping the guy who is the sparkplug for cheating is a LOT better for the team.

    The real worry Pats fans should maybe have is that Brady MUST have been involved in the plan. He may even have been the primary leader, as I’ve heard a number of people mention. Nobody wants to believe that, but at a minimum, he knew about whatever went on with his balls (no puns intended). No way the team suddenly handed him altered balls in a game situation without him knowing about it. No way.

    Luckily, I can see the league nailing BB because he’s a serial cheat. I can’t see them doing it to Tom Brady if they had video tape recording it!

  • Carl Loeffler

    One thing from this is certain…you are a moron. Hate on loser.

  • Vee Clash

    If the shoe was on the other foot, do you feel the Patriots or Robert Kraft would be calling for Chuck Pagano to be fired or suspended from the Superbowl? No, they wouldn’t. Because they don’t make excuses for losing. A lot of people need to grow up and understand that sometimes you just get your butt kicked because the other team is better. Not because of some allegedly deflated footballs.

  • iLikeStuffOlderThanMoses

    Kravitz should be banned from pencils,ink pens (crayons),computers and typewritters after this story is deflated and proved to be a witch hunt and explained away for the simplest of minds.

  • Kerri Lou
  • sp12

    The fact is that the Patriots played with underinflated balls for the first half of the game and would have continued to do so if the refs didn’t switch them out.

    You know what the saddest part is, the Patriots would have still won this game regardless. Now if they win, everyone is going to think they cheated to get to the Superbowl.