What's up with the "pundit's?"

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    During the off-season and during the pre-season, a lot of sports pundits were picking the Dolphins to win the AFCE and contend for the SB. But now that it's obvious that the Fish are false, still no one is giving any respect to the Pats! From AFC East Chat on ESPN.com:

    Troy (Pittsburgh, PA): The Patriots are the obvious choice for the Division Title, right? How far do you see them going into the playoffs?

    Ken Moll: (12:43 PM ET ) The Pats will win the weak AFC east and possible one game in the play offs - I don't see them going very far in 2006-

    :confused: What? So because the Dolphins can't do it, Clearly, the Pats can't either.:rolleyes:
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    a little bit later in the chat....

    (Scott, Maine): Who - or what - the f**k is a 'Ken Moll'?
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    LOL, now thats funny

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