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Week 3 Sweet 16

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by ivanvamp, Sep 18, 2012.

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    1. San Francisco (+4) - Has played like the best team in the league the first two weeks. Very impressive.

    2. Houston (--) - Another big win. They're for real.

    3. Atlanta (+4) - Huge win against the Broncos.

    4. Green Bay (+2) - Nice bounce back victory this week.

    5. Philadelphia (+5) - Impressive victory against a tough Ravens team. Too many turnovers still, and they're one Vick hit away from tumbling down the standings.

    6. New England (-5) - Could have won the game, but it was a very disappointing performance. Plus, Hernandez got hurt. Staring a 1-2 start in the face with a tough road game in Baltimore this week.

    7. NY Giants (+2) - Huge comeback against the Bucs.

    8. Baltimore (-4) - Tough loss, and now must face a Patriots team coming off a loss. Even though they're home, it will be a tall order.

    9. San Diego (+7) - One of just a few 2-0 teams left in the league. They have always had the talent. Finally off to a good start.

    10. Arizona (N/A) - Debuts in the Sweet 16 at #10. Gotta hand it to them - that was a great win for them in Foxboro.

    11. Pittsburgh (N/A) - Back in the Sweet 16 after a thumping of the Jets.

    12. Denver (-9) - Huge drop in the standings, but I'm not quite ready to drop them from the Sweet 16 entirely. Not yet anyway.

    13. Buffalo (N/A) - Back in the mix after a pounding of KC.

    14. Washington (-3) - Three point loss on the road is a reason to drop them, but not all the way out of the Sweet 16.

    15. Dallas (-7) - Another big tumbler in the rankings. Not a good loss this week.

    16. Carolina (N/A) - Debuts in the rankings. Cam Newton is a great football player.

    Moving Up: SF, Atl, GB, Phi, NYG, SD
    Moving Down: NE, Bal, Den, Was, Dal
    Moving In: Ari, Pit, Buf, Car
    Moving Out: NO, Chi, Det, NYJ
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