Walter Football 4/6 5 round mock

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by Tucker, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. Tucker

    Tucker On the Game Day Roster 2009 NFL Mock Draft

    23. Rey Maualuga, ILB, USC
    34. Connor Barwin, DE/OLB, Cincinnati
    47. Jarron Gilbert, DE, San Jose State
    58. Gerald Cadogan, OT, Penn State
    89. Andy Levitre, G, Oregon State
    97. Nic Harris, SS, Oklahoma
    124. Brandon Gibson, WR, Washington State
    170. John Phillips, TE, Virginia

    some notes:
    Beatty goes @ 20. Britton @ 22. English @ 41. Delmas falls to 50.

    Cant say I'd be unhappy with the first 3 rounds, although I'd like to see Delmas on this team. I dont know anything about the 4th and 5th rounders. I havent heard anything about Cadogan though, anyone have any insight on him?
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  2. mayoclinic

    mayoclinic Supporter Supporter

    Through the first 4 rounds, at least for the Pats, this was identical to the April 2 mock. I haven't checked if all of the picks were the same, or just the Pats ones.
  3. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    Cadogen Here's the link to his profile.
  4. VJCPatriot

    VJCPatriot Pro Bowl Player

    Not a bad draft. I'd rather a safety like Chip Vaughn, but otherwise pretty hard to beat if it shakes out that way.
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