Vince Wilfork at #81 ? BS

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by randomk1, May 3, 2012.

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  1. randomk1

    randomk1 In the Starting Line-Up

    #12 Jersey

    Just drop this list making bull****...these player lists are even worse than what the so called "experts" come up with.

    They probably have that bum Suh higher than Big Vince and Ngata who played like **** at the end of last season will be at #15 or something. Also T-Sizzle,Ed Reed,Ray Lewis in the top 10. Nevermind that Big Vince was the best defensive player on the field during the AFC game.

  2. Teapot

    Teapot On the Game Day Roster

    I dont agree with that low, but tbh makes sense.

    Willfork is the best NT for the run in the league, he always takes two men and allow us to make a lot of different squemes with extra LB (wasting that chance with guys like Guyton, Ninkovich, Cunningham, etc, hope this season is different)

    In a league were pass rush is that needed, makes some sense.
  3. mayoclinic

    mayoclinic Supporter Supporter

    It's beyond a joke. I understand your point about the NFL being obsessed with the outside game and pass rushing, but it seriously underrates the impact that VW has on the defense and on games.

    Up to 2009 you could have made an argument that Wilfork was a great 3-4 NT but was mainly limited by scheme and was a 2-down player. But in 2009-2010 we saw him showcase his athleticism and versatility by moving outside to 3-4 DE. And in 2011 Wilfork played 86.2% of the defensive snaps at 3-4 NT, 4-3 DT and 3-4 DE. He set career highs for sacks (3.5, previous high 2), interceptions (2, previous career total 0) and passes defended (5, previous high 2). He became a defensive playmaker. And his almost unique (except for Haloti Ngata) combination of size and athleticism allowed BB to re-design the entire defense around him, changing from a 2-gap 3-4 scheme to a hybrid scheme that mixes 2-gap and 1-gap concepts and 3-4 and 4-3 elements. And in addition to all of that he was a defensive captain and clearly established himself in 2011 as the inspirational and motivational leader of the defense.

    81? It's not a joke. It's an obscenity.

    I'm obviously a homer, but personally I'd rank Wilfork in my top dozen or so defensive players in the NFL along with Ngata and maybe Suh at DT, DEs Jared Allen, Jason Pierre-Paul, Julius Peppers and Mario Williams, OLB DeMarcus Ware, ILB Patrick Willis, S Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu and CB Darrelle Revis. That's obviously a subjective list and there's another half dozen or so guys who could make an argument for inclusion, but I'd conservatively say that VW should be definitely considered a top 20 defensive player, and top 40-50 overall.

    Frankly, it's more an indictment of the Pats defense than anything else. If the defense had performed better overall I think Wilfork would have been "ranked" much higher.
  4. lurker1965

    lurker1965 In the Starting Line-Up

    No Jersey Selected

    I stopped caring when I realized some picks were made to get people mad and posting stuff to increase ratings for obvious works of crap.
  5. borg

    borg In the Starting Line-Up

    It was generous that any Pat defender made the list. An average of 3 players/ team will make the list....Brady, Welker, and Gronk are a lock, maybe Mankins as getting 4-5 guys is better than most....yippeeee
  6. neuronet

    neuronet In the Starting Line-Up

    #87 Jersey

    Link, context, explanation of what this is about?
  7. brady199

    brady199 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Does anyone know how many players actually vote and does each team have the same # of players to vote?

    As far as the ranking goes, who really cares? I'm sure a lot of theese players vote for people/teams that they like. The fact that a backup QB is 95 should tell you all you need to know about this list.

    It is pretty funny that Tebow is on the list and Sanchez isn't. :rocker:
  8. Teapot

    Teapot On the Game Day Roster

    If its 2011 season no way False Start #70 makes the list.

    Brady, Welker, Gronk, Wilfork and for me at least Mayo when healthy deserves in.
  9. PatsSox363804

    PatsSox363804 In the Starting Line-Up

    They had Sproles at like 86 and he led the league in all purpose yards. Just want to get people talking.
  10. Don Kipines

    Don Kipines On the Game Day Roster

    It's just odd because Vince was better in 2011 than he was in 2010.

    But again, a number of Pats will be on there. Brady, Welker and Gronk for sure, but Hernandez also has a shot, as does Brian Waters (who made it in 2011). Brandon Lloyd made the list last year, but won't this year.
  11. UK_Pat37

    UK_Pat37 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    #12 Jersey

    I stopped being interested in this when Tebow made the top 100.

    IMO the players vote this it's a lot of voting for your own team mates and what not.

    People here will complain when Rodgers gets voted #1 above Brady on the season no doubt. It's not to get people talking, it's not to do 's the players voting for their favourite peers.
  12. LivinLovin&Breathin_Brady

    LivinLovin&Breathin_Brady Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    When I saw Tebow on the list, I decided the whole list is bull, even Sanchez outplayed him last year. I'll just wait til they get to the top 10. Surely Brady will be slighted in favor of Rodgers and Brees. Brady probably end up lower than he should be, because of the SB loss. If the players put him somewhere in the 20-5 range, I will RIOT!
  13. PatsWickedPissah

    PatsWickedPissah Supporter Supporter

    Disable Jersey

    Mr INT, Vince Wilfork always touts his athleticism and claims that he could play many different positions in football, but I think that Vince at #81 a WR strains credulity past the breaking point. Vince is No Moss!
  14. IcyPatriot

    IcyPatriot ------------- Supporter

    #24 Jersey

    MEH ... whatever ................. :bricks:
  15. condon84

    condon84 In the Starting Line-Up

    Wilfork's ranking got hurt due to the fact that our defense was ranked dead last or close to it for the most part of the season. The players that took part in this voting who didn't play against us or against our defense probably just associated every Patriot defender to our team defensive ranking and assumed they were all not playing well.

    Last year was probably Wilfork's best year as a Patriot. Can't imagine 81 other players that played better than him last year.
  16. JMarr

    JMarr In the Starting Line-Up

    It's meant to get people talking, fill dead airtime (which the NFL Network has plenty of right now), and try to court even more fans.

    My GF who is a recent NFL convert forced me to go to a place that had NFL network to watch this inane production. Like you, I quickly had to stop after seeing Tebow there and Wilfork at 81. (what a joke--is it a lack of stats for Vince, lol? Apparently someone doesn't have a clue on any level about the Pats' defense).

    I did get a huge kick out of Romo at 90 or whatever it was--the GF was completely livid. :p
  17. Badluck

    Badluck On the Game Day Roster

    he was the best player on the worst D in the league, be happy he was recognized
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