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    I've been a Pats' fan since 1966. The screen name honors Babe Parilli (15) tossing a TD to Gino Cappelletti (20) -- maybe it should also say "XP 20, 2" as Gino would have added the seventh point. The 1966 season was the last hurrah of the Pats' good AFL teams of the 1960s. Jim Nance ran for all those yards (1,458) and they beat Buffalo at Fenway Park in a thriller, 14-3, with big Jim rumbling 65 yards for a TD. Going into the final weekend of the season, the Pats were 8-3-2 and needed to beat the Jets at Shea to clinch the AFL Eastern Division. We played on Saturday and got torched, 38-28. Namath threw for about 400 yards, beating our blitz, and our poor secondary was too slow to cover Maynard, Sauer and the other receivers. (Namath said later that he had not been to bed the night before; he'd been up all night partying and was so hung-over he could barely see.) I cried like a little kid -- I was a little kid, so that was OK. The next day, Buffalo beat the worst team in the league, Denver, who started a rookie QB whose name I will never forget: Max Chaboian. The Bills won the tie-breaker and took the AFL East title. They played KC in the AFL championship to determine who would face the NFL's champ in the first Super Bowl ... Quite a year. Anyway, that was 41 years ago and it's good to be here.:)

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