Top fifteen reasons Bills fans hate it when Pats fans come to Buffalo!

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Armen Da Pats Fan, Dec 19, 2005.

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    15. They are unaffected by our b!tchy hotel barmaids!

    14. We have to see Doug Flutie playing in their uniform, not ours!

    13. They take up whole rows in the Family Section, leaving dozens of Buffalo school children out in the cold!

    12. They wear these silly "facepaint" masks and actually think they look cool in them!

    11. They "layer up" better than us!

    10. They go to Ileo DiPaulo's and the owner feels the need to walk away from the locals and go suck up to them, talking about Freddy Smerlas and *****!

    9. They try and take backroads home from the stadium like they know where they're going!

    8. They cruise around town wearing their "Patriots" windbreakers two days before the friggin' game!

    7. They come to our casinos and leave with $$$ and free steak!

    6. They drive up the highway cooking ribs in the back of their pickups like they own the joint!

    5. Their tailgate parties are way better than ours to the point that we come around like stray dogs looking for left over food!

    4. They're not at all impressed that our women play darts for a pastime!

    3. They hang out and BBQ high quality grub in the Buffalo snowstorms like they're on the beach in Costa Rica, fahcrhissakes! They laugh at the term "Lake Effect Snow"!

    2. They go to Louie's and think they're locals just 'cause they get the "special sauce" on the hot dogs!

    And the #1 reason Bills fans hate it when Pats fans come to Buffalo is...

    1. Patriots 35, Bills 0

    (Okay, 35-7, if you count garbage time TDs...)
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    Bump.....just couldn't let this go by uncommented!!

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