This guy owes Matt Cassel dinner

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patchick, May 4, 2006.

  1. patchick

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  2. PATSNUTme

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    Typical colts. They copy what we did last year EXCEPT they didn't have the, you know what's, to draft him.

    Colts always back away when the big game is on the line.
  3. zippo59

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    This is sorta OT but I predict Cassel will be the best of any QB in his draft class. I know that the QB crop that year was very weak, but what I mean is that I really think Cassel has shown something. Even the analysts (can't remember who) were saying last year something like "Looks like the Patriots win again. Cassel looks better than any rookie QB, even #1 overrall pick Alex Smith." I think he would be even better or perhaps reach excellence sooner if Weis was still here because Weis has proven an amazing ability to develop young average to below average QB's into stars, first with Brady, then Quinn (a different Brady.)
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  4. spacecrime

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    yeah, baby! You know it! He only appeared in one game, but even playing with the scrubbies against Miami's first string D, he outplayed Alex Smith.

    I know optimism, especially optimism on a grand scale is not the Boston Sports way, but I feel comfortable with him backing up Brady.
  5. bucky

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    What if Cassell turns out to be a better QB than Leinart? Wouldn't that make Pete Caroll look foolish?
  6. patchick

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    Hard to see how Cassel would have done better than two national championships.
  7. ilduce06410

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    pete carroll? foolish?

    IMO ol'pete took care of that for all time with this inspired 1st-round draft pick: chris canty, cb, kansas state, 1997.
    taken ahead of jamie sharper, tiki barber, jake plummer, corey dillon, and marcellus wiley, canty represents one of the 'new breed' of nfl CBs: not only short and slow, but also with an impressive college arrest record (DUI, unpaid parking tix).
    but hey, all is forgoptten---pete's had a great run at usc, and the end is not in sight. so what if cassell turns out to be a better QB than leinart?
    as a sports pundit once said, "the sun will rise, and the sun will set. and i'll have lunch".
  8. spacecrime

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    Well, he has said that the competition between Cassel and Leinart was very close and came down to the last day.

    I think they are both good QBs and will do well.

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