There's Karma for you Polian

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by Willie55, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. Willie55

    Willie55 In the Starting Line-Up

    After getting the rules changed for defensive holding, it ends up biting you in the end. Polian must be having a nutty right now.
  2. billdog3484

    billdog3484 Supporter Supporter

    yah and im sure he will be a big player in attempting to change the OT rules. hes gonna cry like a baby
  3. MassPats38

    MassPats38 Supporter Supporter

    #87 Jersey

    I think I'm gonna cry . . . like Dungy, and the Colts defense.

    That was my thought on that last drive. You got the rule emphasis you wanted . . . now get it changed back in the offseason since it does not work for your defense. Contemplate that on the tree of woe Polian you clown and dwell on it over the long offseason. Even without Brady, your Colts lasted 7 more days than our Pats lasted.
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  4. Leave No Doubt

    Leave No Doubt Supporter Supporter

    He totally will. This drama's just beginning :popcorn:
  5. Real American Hero

    Real American Hero Practice Squad Player

    I really think he will move to change the home field advantage to go to the team with the best record in WC games before he changes the OT rules. But that's just my guess. Either one is clearly just being a sore loser, so maybe he'll lobby for both.
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