The thought of seeing Kolb and Skelton in Foxboro makes me drool....

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  1. After watching Jones, Hightower, Wilfork and the rest of the front seven force Locker to move a lot of times out of the pocket makes me, positively, drool all over myself thinking about the lead footed Kevin Kolb and John Skelton coming in to Foxboro next Sunday to play the Pats.

    Hopefully, Matt Patricia will put an all out attack mode defensive game plan in place and not play soft and allow these quarterbacks enough time to find an open receiver, of which the Cardinals do have a couple of good ones.
  2. SoCal Bong

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    Vegas agrees. Pats favored by 13.5/14 which is the largest line of the week by almost a TD. Pats will be everyone's survival/suicide pool pick this week for sure.
  3. BadMoFo

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    Well we better bring that pressure cause our secondary has the tendency of making bum QBs look like future HOFers.
  4. Exactly, however I am beginning to see some improvement with some of this year's additions. The time is coming to get rid of some of the dead weight.
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    The Cardinals are coming in with at least one backup tackle in the starting lineup, so that should be a mismatch in favor of the pass rush.
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    Kolb is actually fairly mobile. doesn't change the fact that he sux. If we can defend the jump ball to Fitzgerald we should be fine.


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    Fitzgerald can make even the worst QBs look like all pros,so the key is to pressure the QBs into making early throws and mistakes and eliminating the best player on their team from scoring.

    The Cardinals front 7 is an excellent bunch and is the strength of their defense,this will be a test on our OL which did not go up against a good one in Tennessee.

    I just want to know who is hiding inside of the uniform that Paris Lenon is wearing,he was all over the ball yesterday and I think he had 2 sacks....he couldn't even make this team when the Linebacking corps was weak.

    Nevertheless this game should be around a 14-21 point win for the Pats.
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    from what i saw yesterday of the ARZ game, Skelton will turn into a fine QB in this league, and before he got hurt I was thinking he will present a greater challenge than Locker (who btw looked very good as well)

    then Kolb came in and did not dissapoint, he also showed he has improved and came make the throws w/ most reads

    so this wont be a walk in the park these two guys are both up and coming QB's in the league.....and with our penchant of making backup/rookie/new starting QBs look extremely good...
  9. Hitting Kolb early in the game is very important. Once he gets hit, and pressured, he really begins to panic and will, at times, just toss the ball up for grabs, or out of bounds.
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    The Cardinals defense is a lot better than Tennessee's and will be able to put pressure on TFB I believe. The Cards have to win with defense.

    Cards have good receivers besides Fitz, but the running game is not clicking and is not very good. The big advantage for the Pats in this game is the magnificent suckatude of the Cards OL....If the Pats don't get pressure/sacks against this unit, i will be trully surprised and dismayed. They should really struggle to pu points up against the Pats this Sunday.

    The vegas line is definitely justified.
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    any given sunday.

    but yeah, Arizona is pretty weak.
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