The Positives from that game (yes there was some)

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    I am hurting like the rest of you, I have not slept and I am basically a zombie today. I refuse to take phone calls or text messages from friends, but there was some positives that we need to hang our hat on to get through these next couple of weeks.

    1. Asante Samuel and Ellis Hobbs- Both these guys played great all game. Everytime they had 1 on 1 coverage, Manning tried to go to them and they defended it great. The Pass Interference call on Hobbs was the right call, but could easily have been a no call as well.

    2. Eric Alexander- Here is a guy who comes in and plays in an AFC championship game after his extremely limited use all season. He made good tackles and looks to have some speed from that middle linebacker spot. Hard to blame him on that long pass. That was a perfect throw by MAnniing and his coverage was not all that bad.

    3. Jabar Gaffney- While he did not get as many passes his way this game, he did make some big catches and looks to be a solid reciever in this system, hopefully he can be a solid #2 or #3 next year.

    That is all I got right now, just pulling for straws right now so I can take this nuese of my neck.

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