The Annual PatsFans Draft Contest, 2014

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by patchick, Apr 26, 2014.

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    Patsattax picked Stork/Easley and reaper8 picked Halapio/Easley.

    JerseyShore99 picked Jeremy Gallon only, and it would have been in the right spot except he/she claimed the the picks were not in any order.

    I don't follow the NCAA at all, and after reading this thread, I might want to look elsewhere for NFL draft advice. :)
  2. Patsattax

    Patsattax Practice Squad Player

    So that means me and jersey shore have to fight to the death? :p

    When Lawrence was picked so early I thought I was toast.
  3. JerseyShore99

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    hahaha congrats Patsattax, two of us should team up and make some some 2015 mocks and 2014 reviews ;)
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  4. Patsattax

    Patsattax Practice Squad Player

    Congrats to you as well jersey! Yah I'm in, we can show everybody how you REALLY pick draft picks for the patriots lol.
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