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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Sure, any playoff game can come down to a kick. But you're right, the Colts don't usually play 3 point games in the playoffs and they wouldn't have done last year other than some of the most bizarre events you'll see in the playoffs.
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    NumbNuts !!!! Scoring is not their problem. Preventing Scores is...
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    Maybe losing an athletic LB like David Thorton b/c you wanted to pony up $$$ for offense will be the difference.
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    The Colts were 11th in total defense and second in scoring defense.

    The Titans paid $22.5 million for Thorton. That's a lot of money for a good, but not great player. The Colts have shown the ability to reload their LBers after they get a lot of money thrown at them. See Mike Peterson and Marcus Washington. They have a couple guys waiting in the wings.
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    This could be the dumbest thing ever written!!!

    Let’s look at some of Skippy’s gems.

    1) “Hence, Adam Vinatieri was the most valuable free agent on this offseason's market. Yes, more valuable than Edgerrin James or Steve Hutchinson or that rapper/author who signed with Dallas.â€

    Please! I loved AV as much as the next guy but to say he was the most valuable free agent is a joke. Last year the best kicker in the NLF – in my opinion was Neil Rackers for Arizona. The guy was fricking unreal. He was 40-42 on FG (95.2%) and the only misses he had were from 43 and 54. The guy was 6-7 from 50+ yards. Add that onto the 13-14 he was from 40-49 yards and he was an amazing 90.5% from 40+. Even with this great weapon the Cardinals managed to go 5-11. Not possible. Not with a kicker as money as Rackers

    2) You can argue that Tom Brady made all the gotta-have-it passes. But Brady never felt pressure quite like Vinatieri felt. Brady was always clutch in the read-and-react flow of the game. But Vinatieri always had to trot onto the field with play and time stopped -- with time to consider the live-in-infamy consequences of missing. Vinatieri had to think about making the putt that wins the Masters or the free throw that wins the NCAA championship -- from 40-plus yards.

    Sure. AV feels tons of pressure when he needs to make the money kick but Brady has never faced pressure like that. Brady has the luxury of working “in the read-and-react flow of the game†which every QB has mastered. Just like Manning mastered in against Pittsburgh in that play-off loss.

    What a joke!!!
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    Playing Jacksonville, Tennesse, and the Texans six times a year will do that for you. Not saying that the Pats stats weren't ascewed by having to face the vaunted Jets and Bills offenses, but please, please, don't say the Colts have a good defense.
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    We're talking about Skip Bayless here, please try not to be redundant.
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    in other words ..skip bayless things the pats shouldve traded brady instead of losing Adam V . ..thats the funny part :)
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    Excuse me, but isn't this fundamentally what every kicker has to do in every game every week?
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    I agree. In the Super Bowl against the Rams, Brady essentially had to complete every pass in the last drive, starting at the Pats 15 or so yard line. Any screwup (fumble, Int.) when they were deep in their own territory and the Rams had a very clutch FG kicker in Wilkins ready to trot on and win it for them. And this was in the face, so to speak, of Madden blubbering that they had to play for OT in that case. Brady, to me, is the man, put him up there with Joe Cool himself. Adam is with Pat Summerall, George Blanda, Jan Stenerud, etc., who did great things kicking in the clutch, but you never hear of them spoken in hushed tones like with Montana or Elway. Bayless is a dweeb.
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    Well AV would have made a difference in that situation at the end of the pitt game last year (most likely). However to say that he puts them over the top is just stupid! Let's not take into account everything else that has changed in the offseason (starting with the loss of edge--and the strength of the other teams). If it comes down to a kick next year, then the dolts will be in a better position than they were this year---but let's not get carried away here skip!
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    Why does the entire media have amnesia when it comes to the Colts?

    They have been beaten easily in many of their playoff losses in the Manning era. 41-0, 20-3, 24-14 were the last 3 before this one which was only close becasue of the replay error on the INT.

    How is the kicker the guy who is going to put them over the top?
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    Well, only 6 teams forced more turnovers and only 5 had more sacks. I don't care who you play, only allowing 15.4 ppg is good defense. They allowed fewer points than everyone but the Bears including the Steelers who play play the vaunted Browns and Ravens offenses twice a year. I'm not saying the Colts' D is better than the Steelers, but you could make the same point about their competion and I think everyone agrees the Steelers have a good defense.
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    Having signed the "most valuable free agent" of '06, it will be interesting to see how the Colts and thier fans handle AV's first semi-clutch miss.?

    Most valuable free agent signing,?.......I love AV, but we shall see.?

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