Sawx predictions: 2010

Discussion in 'Red Sox Fan Forum' started by Run DMC, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. TapDancing39

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    Agreed with the hitting, the Yankees lineup is by far the scariest in baseball. However, you lost me at having better pitching.

    First off, let's compare the two lefty's (Lester and CC):

    Lester 2009 stats:
    203.1 |186 |80 |77 |20 |64 |225 |15-8 |3.41

    Sabathia 2009 stats:
    230.0 |197 |96 |86 |18 |67 |197 |19-8 |3.37

    Lester's K/9 rate was much better than CC's. CC and Lester's ERA are pretty much on even footing (.04 difference). CC got more wins, but I'm sure those were based on run support and the Yankees great offense. CC also has more innings but that is because he also had two extra starts. I think both are pretty much on even footing, CC may be a little better since he eats up more innings.. but Lester is not far behind.

    As for the rest, Beckett > Burnett, Lackey > Pettite, Daisuke cannot be easily determined against Javier Vasquez. Dice did have a groin injury last year which plagued his early performance, but he seemed to get things back together towards the end of 09 posting a 2.21 era with a 3-1 record. Javier Vasquez pitched like an ace for the Braves in the NL West, but got lit in the AL East in 2004 where he posted a 4.91 ERA with the Yankees, his K/9 rate also took a huge nosedive that season. I'll give the upper hand to Matsuzaka since he does have AL East experience.. and has posted up great numbers (18-3 2.90 era in 08). As for Buchholz and Hughes, I'd put them both at a neutral point as of now.. Hughes has not proven much as a starter and Buchholz is still a question mark.

    As for comparing bullpens, the Yankees don't have much other than Joba whose fastball has decreased 6-7mph in speed and Mariano Rivera.
  2. Run DMC

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    Anybody feel like arguing? Everything I wrote in the opening thread was displayed over this series. We were outpitched and outhit. Papi simply sucks. What's it going to take to run this guy out of town?
    This team has anemic hitting and is not making the playoffs. The story from last year continues this year. Denial is not a river in Egypt.
  3. KontradictioN

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    Nope. Moves were made in the offseason to promote run prevention, however run prevention doesn't mean a thing if you can't score runs to save your life. While I think our pitching is better than New York's, our hitting certainly is not. If we get a legitimate home run threat in our line-up before the end of the year, this team will be deadly.
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  4. fair catch fryar

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    Nope. You're right and have this team pegged after an opening 3 game series with the defending WS Champs NY Yankees. I don't disagree w/ any of your points except maybe pitching, but for crying out loud if there is one sport where you never know because the season is so damn long is baseball. The big difference is that with one or two trades, the Red Sox can go from being a flat-hitting team to a bunch of ball-crushers over night. I definitely won't be holding my breath 3 games into a 162 game schedule.:rolleyes:

    Besides the NFL draft and June mini-camps is way more exciting than baseball in April or May.:D
  5. Run DMC

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    Papi- 4 K's today!!!!!!!!! :eek:
  6. KontradictioN

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    Wow. Hammered by the Rays again today. This team really sucks.
  7. Run DMC

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    Swept by my predicted AL East champs.
    Thank God the draft is next week!
  8. bigcountry75

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    Damn guys we are 161 games into the season and we are down out of 1st by 50 games.....

    Oh wait we are what 12 games into the season....You guys can jump off the bandwagon anytime....I have faith that this team will turn it around so if you guys don't then don't worry about them.....
  9. bigcountry75

    bigcountry75 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I just thought it was the perfect time to revisit this thread....I could quote but that would take all day....I just wanted to say that pretty much everyone said we couldn't hit well as of today we are 1st in the majors in runs scored and hits....And our pitching hasn't been as good as we thought it would be....Get them on track and we are a force again....I love it...
  10. Real World

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    It's going to be a fun summer in the AL East. Even the surprise Jays have a decent squad. I think they'll tail off as the season rolls along, but they could win enough games to ruin it for somebody. The unbalanced schedule sucks for the AL East teams, that's for sure.
  11. PaPZ187

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    If Boston can hang around in the Wild Card Race by the trade deadline then I think they'll be alright.

    Tampa has been rumored to trade both Crawford and Pena if they are out of it or if there is doubt about making the playoffs, which would basiclly eliminate them from contention.

    I believe this is the Yanks division this year, and either Tampa or Boston as the Wild Card, my pick is Boston.

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